Office 365 – Simple batch deployment

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For small deployment, you might consider this quick and very simple procedure to deploy Office 2013 or Office 2016 C2R. Here is the steps: 1. Building your XML config file

  2. Download Office 365 (Click-to-Run) First you need to download this tool: OfficeDeploymentTool.exe Extract Setup.exe of OfficeDeploymentTool.exe by running it. Then, run this command to download the Office binaries … Read More

Shadowing in Windows 2012 R2 without RDS Role installed

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If you have Remote Desktop Service role installed in your serveur, you may be looking a little bit too far. Just go to your Server Manager Console. Wait to see Remote Desktop Services to appears, that click on “Collections” and look at the collections section. You will see all active or idle sessions within every Session Collection of servers you manage. Than, … Read More

Powershell – Alternative to Active Directory Module

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Remember back in the days, before Microsoft publish there Active Directory Module, Quest was releasing there own Powershell module. Even if Dell bought Quest, there modules still exists and they still free. Why would I use those Quest AD module? Maybe, you’re organisation, like mine, didn’t enable Active Directory Web Services. There is the word “Web” in Active Directory Web Service, and that’s … Read More